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Kennel WarnerBros

Xoloitzcuintle, miniature


Hello and welcome to our website !


Behind Warner Bros kennel is Jan-Åke o Åse Persson.

We lived in a small villaga in south Sweden with our 2 children and dogs.

We start in 1993 when we bought a Chinese crested girl.

She was the reason that we start breeding 1996. In februari of 2003 we get our

first xolo named India Chala a miniature female.

More about us can you get if you e-mail or phone us.

Thanks for your visit and welcome back for more news




Jan-Åke o Åse Persson

Telegatan 8 254 70 Kattarp


Tele: +46 (0)42 – 129309 +46 (0)733339972